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General Labware

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At we have a variety of volumetric flasks. These flasks are typically used to hold liquids. With volumetric flasks, students and researchers can prepare standard solutions with accurate dilutions. They can be made of glass or plastic, but those made of glass are preferred more because they don’t get affected in any way even if harsh chemicals like acids and alkalis are poured in them. They are calibrated which shows that they can hold a fixed volume which is indicated by a mark near the neck.

We have various types of pipettes also. They are fine tubes made of glass or plastic and can be used to transfer the desired amount of liquid from one container, e.g. a volumetric flask, conical flask, beaker or petri dish, to another. They are of two types: volumetric which are used to carry a single particular volume of liquid and measuring pipettes which are used to carry varying, measured volumes of liquids.

Then there is the unique pipette filling devices to replace the old and dangerous method of sucking the chemical in question through mouth in which students and scientists had to transfer liquids irrespective of potential hazards.

But thanks to the pipette filling devices, like this reliable and efficient electronic pipette filling device, which feature LED charging indicators, comfort grip adjustable pump speed and multiple housing color combinations. Its universal silicon collet can accept all standard size pipettes up to 100 ml. The collet also has internal knurlings due to which it can hold the pipette tightly.

To make filling pipette safe, we have various other devices like these three valve pipette fillers that can be used with pipettes up to 100 ml. They are made of natural rubber and available in attractive colors.

Also for reducing sample retention to achieve optimum accuracy, they have these micropipette tips too which reduce retention level up to 10 times more than standard pipette tips.

And there are many more including test tubes, stands, clamps, racks, thermometers, biology kits, dissection boxes, stethoscope and more. Not only these tools help in making students understand the subjects well, but they also enable them to handle various devices carefully and do the experiments accurately. Thus they are ideal gifts for students, schools and colleges. Use them and see your students’ knowledge and understanding improving day by day.



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