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Large Capacity Filtering Bottle


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The 10L Capacity Filtering Bottle, Heavy Wall Borosilicate Glass  is perfect for filtering large volumes of liquid. The thick walls and sturdy design enables this flask to withstand vacuum filtration without imploding. The bottle is graduated in 1000mL increments on a scale from 2000 mL to 8000 mL, with an accuracy of +/- 5%. Neck size fits a #13 rubber stopper. Sidearm tubulation on neck for easy connection to filter pump. For safe use of filtration glassware, always wear eye and face protection when lyonscientificUniworking with a vacuum or pressure apparatus. Know the chemistry of the filter flask contents to make sure that they are appropriate for use under high vacuum. Height 52.5 cm, base diameter 16 cm. Sidearm tubulation on neck, 1/2" outer diameter