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Alligator Clip Leads


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Flexible, 18 gauge (SWG) stranded wire cord with alligator clips at both ends. Alligator clips have protective vinyl sheath. Available in various lengths.

Item # Description
WAG012-PK/6 Alligator Clip Leads, 12", pack of 6 (3 Red, 3 Black).
WAG024-PK/6 Alligator Clip Leads, 24", pack of 6 (3 Red, 3 Black).
WAG036-PK/6 Alligator Clip Leads, 36", pack of 6 (3 Red, 3 Black).
WAG012-R Alligator Clip Lead, 12", Red, each
WAG012-B Alligator Clip Lead, 12", Black, each
WAG024-R Alligator Clip Lead, 24", Red, each
WAG024-B Alligator Clip Lead, 24", Black, each
WAG036-R Alligator Clip Lead, 36", Red, each
WAG036-B Alligator Clip Lead, 36", Black, each