Automatic Burettes, Borosilicate Glass, Class A, Individually Certified


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Self-zeroing burette mounts on a glass bottle. Includes a PTFE needle valve stopcock, intermediate stopcock and rubber bellows.

Class A, ASTM E-287, meets USP standards, individually serialized and certified. Includes Schellbach backing for easy reading of liquid levels. With amber graduations. Manufactured from precision bore tubing and calibrated To Deliver (TD, Ex) on computer-controlled machines

Item # Capacity (ml) Graduation Interval (ml) Tolerance (?? ml) Bottle Capacity (ml) Quantity per pack
BRA215-10 10 0.05 0.02 500 1
BRA215-25 25 0.10 0.03 2000 1
BRA215-50 50 0.10 0.05 2000 1