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Basic Prepared Slide Set of 25


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Glass prepared microscope slides, supplied in a wooden case.

  • Mitosis in plants, cs
  • Pollen Grains, wm
  • Amoeba, wm
  • Yeast Cells, wm
  • Green Algae, wm
  • Letter "E"
  • Tape Worm, ts
  • Silk Fabric, wm
  • Lily Leaf, vs
  • Mammal Lung, ts
  • Meiosis in Animals
  • Aves Feather, wm
  • Lily Stamen, ts
  • Mammal Hair, wm
  • Mosquito Mouth Parts, wm
  • Housefly Mouth Parts, wm
  • Frog Blood Smear
  • Human Blood Smear
  • Onion Cells, wm
  • Hibiscus Stem, ts
  • Wood Fabric, wm
  • Fish Scale, wm
  • Skeletal Muscle, wm
  • Herbaceous Stem, young, ts
  • Skin Cells, vs