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Centrifuge Tube, Conical Bottom, PP/HDPE


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Polypropylene tubes include blue HDPE leak-proof screw caps. The tubes and caps feature specially-designed flat threads for vacuum-type closure that is leak-free at a pressure of >700mm Hg. Highly smooth hydrophobic internal surfaces minimize wall effect. Silk-screen graduations and a frosted surface make writing easier.

Autoclavable at 121C and 15 psi for 30 minutes. Radiation sterilized. DNase, RNase, Pyrogen and latex-free. Maximum RCF 14000.

Amber colored tubes are suitable for light sensitive applications because they do not allow any light to pass through the samples.

Item # Capacity (ml) Cap Color O.D. x Height (mm) Quantity per pack
P10402 15 (Sterile) Blue 16.5 x 117.8 500
P10406 15 (Sterile Amber) Blue 16.5 x 117.8 500
P10404 50 (Sterile) Blue 29.2 x 114.3 500
P10408 50 (Sterile Amber) Blue 29.2 x 114.3 500