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Complete Convection Apparatus



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A complete apparatus to demonstrate heat convection for a liquid. As the corner of the tube is heated up, the warmer liquid rises and creates a convection flow. The Rheoscopic fluid makes seeing the flow easier, although occasional shaking is needed to maximize the results. The pouring nozzle allows you to have a place to rest the tubing on while keeping it the correct distance from the bulb. The beaker is frosted to diffuse the light to make it a pleasant lighting source in your lab or home. Needs 8 - 10 minutes to heat up.

Kit includes:

  • Support Stand with base
  • Burette clamp
  • Convection apparatus tube that holds about 175 ml
  • 1 Liter of Rheoscopic fluid
  • Warming bulb made with a frosted glass beaker
  • Power cord with on/off switch

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