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Cryo Vials, External Threaded, Sterile, PP


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Cryo vials are designed for storage of samples as low as -196??C*. DNase, RNase, and Pyrogen-free. Radiation sterilized. Polypropylene vials feature a large white frosted labeling area, silk screen graduations, and a leak-proof HDPE cap. Skirted base vials have an internal flat bottom. Star base and round base vials have an internal U-shaped bottom. Self-standing star base vials are designed for one-handed use with a support rack.

*Not recommended for use in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen. Can be used in vapor phase of liquid nitrogen.

Item # Description Outer Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Quantity per pack
P60102 Cryo Vial, 1.8ml Skirted Base 11.8 47.2 1000
P60116 Cryo Vial, 1.8ml Star Base 12 48.5 1000
P60117 Cryo Vial, 1.8ml Round Base 12 47.5 1000
P60103 Cryo Vial, 4.5ml Skirted Base 11.8 88 500
P60118 Cryo Vial, 4.5ml Star Base 12 91.5 500
P60119 Cryo Vial, 4.5ml Round Base 12 90.5 500