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Customized Flaskware Lava Lamps



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Here is a scientific twist on an old favorite.

These units are made from all scientific labware. Some of the parts are flask stand, Buchner funnel, desiccator plate, borosilicate glassware, support stand and clamp. The power cord is 6 foot long. The units take about 2 hours to heat up properly. Do not run for more than 9 hours at a time.

Since these are made to order, there may be a large lead time since we make and test each unit. Expect at least 2 weeks for manufacturing.
Colors: pictures are only samples

The color options can be made after you place the item in your cart and view cart. (See example)

Colors available for the wax and water

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple

If you want other color options, please contact us for custom orders. 


1000 mL boiling flask
14" tall with a base of 6" X 8"
8 pounds

1000 mL recovery flask
14" tall with a base of 6" X 8"
3 pounds

500 mL recovery flask (also available with a stand)
12" tall with a base of 4" X 4"
3 pounds


*Warning: the unit gets very hot, do not touch when on. Do not shake the lava lamp.*