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DNA Model Kit


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Our popular DNA Model is now available as a kit. Kit includes one preassembled DNA Model, three unassembled models, and one instructional CD. The CD explains key concepts related to DNA structure and includes step-by step instructions for assembly of the DNA Models. The model is built to a scale of 10cm to 1nm and accurately depicts a 16 base pair section of DNA. The model is supported by a central pillar which can rotate on a circular stand. Each model can be used by a group of 5 students. Kit contains no consumable parts and is designed for repeated use. Developed by teachers. The full lesson can be completed in one class period and is hands-on for all students. If you already own one of these models, we offer additional unassembled models and instructional CDs.

DNA Model with 4 unassebled Models and CD: Shipping weight 9lbs, Dimensions 26" x 20" x 12"

Unassembled DNA Model: Shipping weight 2.5lbs, Dimensions 24" x 12" x 2"