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Doe Bleat Predator Call



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This is a must for serious deer hunters. Whitetail, black tail and mule deer all react to this call like a magnet. This innovative call features a tuning hole that can be covered to produce wavering estrus bleats that are perfect for early-season hunters. The Buck Gardner brand of game calls offer appareled quality and performance. We bring their patented field-tested Game Call technology and quality to this kit. The innovative tuning hole allows the hunter to produce "wavering estrus bleats" that are perfect for the early season hunters. The Call Kit is pre-tuned and tested by Buck's expert staff, guaranteed to meet your highest expectations.

Goncalo Alves

The mouthpiece hand turned and is made from Goncalo Alves, also known as Tigerwood. The color varies from a medium reddish brown to dark brown. It has excellent rot resistance and makes a softer and more mellow sound than acrylic calls. Since these are hand turned, no two are the same and the colors will vary.