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Flame powered Lava Lamp



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Enjoy the relaxing mood that a lava lamp creates without the need for electricity. A perfect way to zone out either in your home or outside. The 500 ml borosilicate recovery flask is held on a support stand with a ring support. Borosilicate is a strong laboratory glass that is strong and withstand high temperatures. The support rod had a mark where the best height to hold the lava lamp, but you can move it up or down based on the heat produced by the candle. 5 tea light candles are included and work best.

If you are using this outside, or in a drafty location, you may need to lower the lava lamp closer to the flame.

Please note: since these are powered by a tea light candle it is not anywhere near as bright as a traditional lava lamp powered by a halogen bulb.

You need to message me the color you want for the water and the wax. Please note, not all colors are possible, but I will do my best to accommodate your request.