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Flask light / Continuous Light Potion



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Let your imagination soar with this unique item. It consists of a small 50 ml lab flask with an LED Cork. Perfect for lighting the way when you are off to a Cosplay at night. If you want to amp up your dungeon and dragon sessions use it as a prop for your mage. The LED will last for a long time and the strap helps to keep it firmly on your belt or wrist. Each bulb uses three LR44 batteries, which are included.

The set includes one flask and a Red LED(life) and a Blue LED (mana/magic) and a White LED.

There is also an option with a cage to hold the flask light as a desktop lamp. It can also be suspended by the leather strap. The cage clamps onto the flask and should not be over tightened.

The flask used does have marking on it as to its size.