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Force Punching Plate



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Help students visualize the power of their punches.

  • Is your training helping you to increase your punching power?
  • Are you retracting your punches fast enough?
    Now you can find out.

The Force Punch bag is designed to hold the included force plate so it can easily be fitted to a person or a punching bob (both of which are not included). The back pack design allows it to be easily fitted and adjusted to the correct height.

The output can be seen graphically on a free app, which works on all devices with a bluetooth. This allows you to see the force of your punch and how well your training increases your hitting power. You should use boxing or padded gloves when hitting, but hitting it bare handed is only for the hard core trainers.

The output is in Newtons of force.
Includes: Force Plate Sensor, Bluetooth module, Force Plate bag, instructions.
Weight: 7 pounds.
Dimensions: 12 " X 11 " X 2 "