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General Lab Glassware Starter Kit


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A convenient glassware assortment designed for general laboratory use. Starter kit includes the following:

Beaker, Set of 5 1
Beaker Tongs, 9" 1
Erlenmeyer Flasks, Set of 5 1
Cylinder, 10ml, Hex Base 1
Cylinder, 25ml, Hex Base 1
Cylinder, 100ml, Hex Base 1
Media Bottle, 100ml 1
Media Bottle, 500ml 1
Test Tube Rack (blue/yellow) with 12 Test Tubes (TT9800-F) and 12 Rubber Stoppers (RST1-S) 1
Test Tube Clamp, Steel Wire, with Grips 1
Glass Rod, 8", pk/12 1
Dropping Bottle, 30ml, Barnes, with Dropper Pipets 12