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Glassware Assortment


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Quality glassware assortment for use in a laboratory. Shipped in a reusable storage box. Kit includes the following items:

Beaker, Glass, 100ml 2
Beaker, Glass, 250ml 1
Beaker, Glass, 400ml 1
Bottles, 4 oz w/ Screw Caps 2
Burets, 50ml, Mohr 2
Crucible, Porcelain 1
Crucible Cover, Porcelain 1
Dropper, Pipet (Eye Dropper) 1
Dropping Bottle, 30ml, Barnes 12
Evaporating Dish, Porcelain 1
Funnel, Short Stem, 75mm 1
Watch Glass, 75mm 1
Mortar and Pestle, Porcelain 1
Cylinder, Glass, 10ml 1
Cylinder, Glass, 25ml 1
Cylinder, Glass, 50ml 1
Cylinder, Glass, 100ml 1
Test Tubes, 13 x 100mm 6
Test Tubes, 18 x 150mm 6
Test Tubes, 25 x 200mm 6
Glass Capillary Tubing 4
Flask, Erlenmeyer, 250ml 1
Glass Rod, 8" 1
Petri Dish, 100mm 2
Total Pieces 57