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High Vacuum Pumps


Fischer Technical

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It has an operating temperature of 30-170 F, with an overall oil capacity of 27 ounces (785 cc). The pump features a 1/2 horsepower 110V/60Hz motor, capable of generating a pump speed of up to 1725 RPM. This model is also available with a 2.5" diameter, 0 to -30" Hg Bourdon-type steel case vacuum gauge that has been securely mounted to the intake valve. (Model LAV3/G)

This rotary vane style high vacuum pump is a two-stage pump with a rotary sliding vane that is capable of producing up to 85 liters per minute (3 cubic feet per minute) of free air displacement. As a direct drive pump, the space needed to house the pump is vastly reduced, and its gas ballast helps to purge moisture from the vacuum system. It features a trap, which greatly reduces the risk of oil being sucked back into the system, if properly maintained.

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