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Large Style Antique bulb lamp



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This large style bulb is made from a 2000 mL Erlenmeyer flask and an old style bulb. The twisted brown cloth covered cord set has a toggle On/Off switch 26 inches from the lamp and about 6 feet of cord to a standard 2 prong plug. The bulb socket has an antique brass finish. The base has rubber stoppers as feet to help protect your tabletop surface. The base is made from a beautiful piece of purple heart that been prepared with hand tools and treated to help resist discoloration. If left untreated in the sun, purple heart will turn a brown color as it ages. Since these are shaped by hand there will difference between multiple lamps. Imperfections make them unique.
Available in a clear and frosted style flask.
All parts are UL listed.

Approximately 6" X 6" X 15"

Cord: 18 gauge UL recognized, 8 foot long.
Bulb: length 5.5 inches, Diameter 1.125 inches, 240 Lm, 60 Watts, Estimated life hours: 3,000

Replacement bulb is B1011