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Laser Optical Disk Set


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This is an excellent and economical set for introductory ray optics. The laser ray box projects one, three, or five parallel bright beams and is equipped with a momentary switch for safety. A vinyl template with a degree circle and a linear scale forms the optical disk, and the set includes seven clear acrylic optical elements and a mirror with adjustable curvature for investigating refraction, lenses, prisms and mirrors. The bottoms of the acrylic elements are frosted to show the ray paths inside them. The set also includes a manual and storage box.

Please note: This product emits laser light. Max. output power<1mW per beam. Wavelength 650nm. Class IIIa laser product.

Wall-mount Power Supply
Laser Ray Box (1, 3, or 5 rays)
Parallel-sided Block
Trapezoidal Prism
Right Angle Prism
Biconcave Lens
Biconvex Lens
Semicircular Lens (solid)
Semicircular Cell
Flexible Template ruler & protractor
Adjustable Mirror plane/concave/convex
Aluminum Storage Case
Activity Guide