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Optical Bench Set


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The optical bench set is designed for basic geometric optics experiments, including imaging by lenses and mirrors. The optical elements are mounted in protective frames with mounting rods for easy alignment, and the four captive riders have an index mark and set screws to secure the rider and optical elements without disturbing their alignment. The bench is 96 cm long and the set includes a pre-focused illuminator with a 12V/6W incandescent lamp, four 50 mm diameter lenses, two mirrors, an object diaphragm, two screens, and an operator's manual. Also includes a 12V/0.5A power supply operating on 110VAC. Includes activity guide.

Optical Bench with Printed Scale 1
Rider Mounted on Optical Bench 4
Opaque Screen 1
Object Diaphragm 1
Frosted Glass Screen, Translucent 1
Screen and Mirror Holder1
Plane Mirror 1
Mounted Lens 4
Concave Mirror 1
Illuminator, 12V/6W 1
Activity Guide 1