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Pendulum Balls


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These drilled balls are excellent for use as pendulum bobs or in impact and collision experiments. All drilled balls feature 3 mm countersunk holes so pendulum cord knots can be recessed. Check the chart below for availablecombinations.

Item # Description
Aluminum Balls:
PNBA19 Drilled Aluminum Ball, 19mm diameter
PNBA25 Drilled Aluminum Ball, 25mm diameter
PNBA25-H Hooked Aluminum Ball, 25mm diameter
Brass Balls, Polished:
PNBB19 Drilled Brass Ball, 19mm diameter
PNBB25 Drilled Brass Ball, 25mm diameter
PNBB25-H Solid Brass Ball, With Hook, 25mm diameter
PNBB38-H Solid Brass Ball, with Hook, 38mm diameter
Copper Balls:
PNBCP25 Drilled Copper Ball, 25mm diameter
PNBCP38-H Solid Copper Ball, With Hook, 38mm diameter
Cork Balls:
PNBCK19 Drilled Cork Ball, 19mm diameter
PNBCK25 Drilled Cork Ball, 25mm diameter
PNBCK38-S Solid Cork Ball, 38mm diameter
Plastic Balls:
PNBP19 Drilled Plastic (Nylon) Ball, 19mm diameter
PNBP25 Drilled Plastic (Nylon) Ball, 25mm diameter
Steel Balls:
PNBS19 Drilled Steel Ball, 19mm diameter
PNBS25 Drilled Steel Ball, 25mm diameter
PNBS13-S Solid Steel Ball, 13mm diameter
PNBS19-S Solid Steel Ball, 19mm diameter
PNBS25-S Solid Steel Ball, 25mm diameter
PNBS38-S Solid Steel Ball, 38mm diameter
PNBS25-H Solid Steel Ball, With Hook, 25mm diameter
PNBS25-L Solid Steel Ball, With Lugs, 25mm diameter
Wood Balls:
PNBW19 Drilled Wood Ball, 19mm diameter
PNBW25 Drilled Wood Ball, 25mm diameter