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Personal Self-defense Keychain



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This self-defense tool will help give peace of mind for you or your loved ones. The design fits nicely in hands of all sizes and is made from purpleheart, which is a very hard wood. The inlayed design is made from epoxy which helps strength the entire structure. The hard tapered end is perfect to jab into an attacker’s arm, hand, or any vulnerable area. When you attach your keys to the keyring, it can act as a small monkey fist or old fashion medieval mace. Swinging your hand/arm can create a fearful situation for any would be attacker. As with any tool for self-defense, this is not intended to be misused, only for defense. It is coated in polyurethane to protect it from the elements. 5 inches long, ¼” inch thick, maximum width 1”. Paracord braid is about 2.5 inches long.

Styles - The paracords come in three styles: 2, 3 and 4 strands.
Colors - Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Pink

Ordering Information:

First, choose the style you want (2 – 4 strands)
Second, during the checkout process send me a note with your color choices. If you want multiple colors, please note them. For example, if you choose the 4 strand with duplicate colors, please say “ red, red, white, green”.