PILOT Chemical resistant diaphragm vacuum pump


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The PILOT 3000 economical chemical-resistant diaphragm vacuum pump is constructed from quality parts, manufactured in the USA and offered at an affordable price. This Laboratory Vacuum pump is library-quiet -the noise level is only ~ 54 dB small, durable, and chemical resistant! The PILOT 3000 is nearly maintenance- free because of the PTFE coated surfaces, PTFE membrane, stainless steel valves and oil-free design.The pump features a vacuum regulator with gauge to adjust and monitor vacuum level. The PILOT3000 is a 20 psi continuous duty pump.Maximum Vacuum: 22" Hg.

The PILOT 5000 Chemical Resistant Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps are durable and chemical resistant. All contact surfaces are PTFE coated. Both include an inlet trap and vacuum regulator, and are a perfect choice for vacuum filtration, desiccation, and other mid-range vacuum applications. The PILOT 5000 are resistant to bleach and acetone vapors allowing them to be used with cell culture decontamination protocols. The PILOT 5000 is a 20 psi continuous duty pump.Maximum Vacuum: 24" Hg.


Vacuum filtration
Solid phase extraction
Replace water aspirator
Vacuum drying
Fume suction

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