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Properties of Materials Kit


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This unique kit allows students to make a wide range of investigations with only a small number of items. The kit contains two sets of three metal cylinders - aluminum, copper, and steel. In one set the cylinders all have equal masses, and in the other they have equal volumes. The measuring instruments - cylinder, spring scale, and caliper - measure volume, mass, and length. This combination of items allows for a wide range of basic investigations, addressing the concepts of mass, volume, density and specific gravity and extending to an exploration of buoyancy.

Economical kit lets students investigate the mechanical properties of metal samples
Three measuring devices build familiarity with different measurement techniques
Explore volume, mass, density, specific gravity and buoyancy

Equal Volume Metal Cylinders Set - Aluminum, Copper, Steel
Equal Mass Metal Cylinders Set - Aluminum, Copper, Steel
Measuring Cylinder, 100ml
Spring Scale, 2.5N/250g
Vernier Caliper, stainless steel