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Push Pull Scales


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This versatile spring scale can be used to measure forces using push or pull functions, or to weigh a suspended object from the large hook. Includes a zero adjustment screw and a metal suspension ring. Available in six color-coded sizes.

Item # Description Graduation Color
PS0250 250g / 2.5N 5g / 0.05N Blue
PS0500 500g / 5N 10g / 0.1N Green
PS1000 1000g / 10N 20g / 0.2N Brown
PS2000 2000g / 20N 40g / 0.4N Red
PS3000 3000g / 30N 50g / 0.5N Cream
PS5000 5000g / 50N 100g / 1N Yellow
PSSET6 Set of 6 Push-Pull Scales (one each of above) N/A N/A