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Rubber Stopper Assortments


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These black stoppers are made of solid natural rubber that stays pliable over a long period of time. Ideal for use with non-aggressive or concentrated solutions. Low sulfur content. Withstand temperatures from –25 to 70°C (–13 to 158°F)

These convenient assortments of various sizes of rubber stoppers are sold as one-pound bags.

Item # Description Sizes
RSTPK1 Rubber Stoppers, Assorted, one pound 1 to 6
RSTPK2 Rubber Stoppers, Solid, one pound 00 to 7
RSTPK3 Rubber Stoppers, 1-Hole, one pound 00 to 7
RSTPK4 Rubber Stoppers, 2-Hole, one pound 2 to 8