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Rubber Tubing, General Purpose


United Scientific Supplies

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Flexible and strong rubber available in 10' and 50' lengths. We stock Red color; black is available as special order. Additional sizes as well as custom lengths are available upon request.

Item # Description Bore/Thickness
RT4812-10 Rubber Tubing, Red, 10' 4.8mm/1.2mm
RT4812-50 Rubber Tubing, Red, 50' 4.8mm/1.2mm
RT6016-10 Rubber Tubing, Red, 10' 6.0mm/1.6mm
RT6016-50 Rubber Tubing, Red, 50' 6.0mm/1.6mm
RT9524-10 Rubber Tubing, Red, 10' 9.5mm/2.4mm
RT9524-50 Rubber Tubing, Red, 50' 9.5mm/2.4mm