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Sierpinski Triangle T Shirt



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The Sierpinski Triangle on a tshirt is a cool way to share the knowledge and beauty of fractal geometry to those around you. The Sierpinski triangle, also called the Sierpinski gasket or the Sierpinski sieve, is a fractal and attractive fixed set with the overall shape of an equilateral triangle, subdivided recursively into smaller equilateral triangles.

See figure 2. In the figure, in place of the usual numbers in Pascal’s triangle we have areas that are either blank t-shirt or white ink, depending upon whether the number in that position is odd or even, respectively.

- Printed on a Tultex blend Heather Charcoal unisex tee with white and yellow ink.
- Hand printed in Houston, TX
- Material consists of 30 Fine Knit Jersey, 65% Polyester, 35% Ring-spun cotton
- Super soft with a vintage feel
- Maintains its shape beautifully
- We recommend washing cold, inside out and laying flat to dry
- If necessary, tumble dry on a low heat setting