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UGEARS Flight Starter



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The Flight Starter, a new exciting and curious model from Ugears. Loaded with smart mechanics and a lot of fun, this portable hand catapult is a mechanical launcher for light flying airplane models,  three of which  you  will find  in  the  kit.

The model’s one of a kind design is a pure work of imagination that produced a  look resembling  something  from  outer space – a star ship, a shuttle or a deadly blaster gun from a science fiction adventure film. The all sci-fi design is implemented in the Ugears iconic skeleton steam-punk style that allows you to look inside the working mechanism which you get to assemble with your own hands.

The launcher is equipped with a rubber band  motor that provides tension  that  powers  your plane when released.  The trigger that sets off the mechanism has a safety  lock. The tension  and  therefore the distance your aircraft  is  going to cover are controlled by a winding crank. The range of this new cool ballistic model can exceed 30 meters – depending on the “bolts” used and how tight the crank was wound. A special support makes the crank a part of the platform for the aircraft you will launch.

The kit is comprised of 198 parts and includes a glider and two paper airplanes you can use with your Flight Starter along with those planes you want to design by yourself.

Assembled size: 11.2" x 13.4" x 7,5"
Estimated time of assembly: 1-3 hours
Difficulty level: Easy
Parts count: 198