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UGEARS U-9 Grand Prix Car



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The thrill of speed, roar of engines, wheel to wheel battles and shiny frames  flashing  before  the  eyes  of  wildly excited audience of the early car races – it’s all there, in UGEARS’ fascinating U-9 Grand Prix Car based on iconic  designs of the golden age of the automobile industry at the beginning of the XX century.

Model U-9 recreates the magnificent and imposing appearance of Grand Prix  winner  models from  drive  shaft  to spare wheel. Under the hood of this new model you will find a V8 engine equipped with a powerful fan and 16 fully functioning valves. To wind it up just use the hand crank in its front. Your new vehicle has a link  rod  and  a  transmission switching the modes between idle, reverse, and race ahead, baby! The U-9 has a spring-suspended fork and rubberized wheels ensuring smooth but rapid acceleration and a long driving range.

The design of this beauty is based on the racing-sports cars that participated in the very first Grand Prix race that had taken place in Italy back in the early 20th century. Adopting the sleek flowing lines  of  the  old  Formula  One  prototypes, UGEARS engineers and designers gave this new model an exquisite and truly elegant “old-school” appearance highlighted with a drive belt on the outside of the car and other peculiar design elements. The Oblong shape coupled with the bold style of the radiator grille is meant to bring you the feeling of the dawning age of car racing.

Assembled size:13.8’’ x 3.7’’ x 5.1’’
Estimated time of assembly: 1-3 hours
Difficulty level: Intermediate
No Glue Needed.
Parts Count: 348